Vélo's Easter Walk

Move that body

It's time for a new Vélo Walk to get that body moving! But this time we have a special 'Easter Edition' for upcoming weekend. And guess what? The sun is already shining for you! Hop off that couch and go for a 45-minute walk along egg-celent healthy & local stops for breakfast, coffee, easter eggs, juices and more!  (all open for pick-up)

Take your best friend with you OR go by yourself with a Vélo Spotify Playlist for some tunes and GET. THAT. BODY. MOVING. 

1. Vélo Studio

The route starts with our own studio. For now, you can only peek through the window, but we hope to welcome you again soon with open doors.

2. Flower shop

To stay in the Easter mood, we start the walk with a stop at flower shop 809. Get yourself some nice flowers to brighten up the table during the Easter brunch.

3. SLA

The next stop is SLA, a delicious healthy lunch spot and definitely worth checking out for all the goodies they have in their salad bar. Vegetables galore! Don't forget our 10% discount code on all SLA Wraps! (check out our newsletter)

4. Stach

A snack for on the go? At Stach you can find anything from healthy fresh sandwiches to a sweet snack without added sugars. Besides good food, you can also go there for a delicious coffee to quench your thirst.

5. Vlaamsch broodhuys

We stay in the Easter spirit for the next stop on the walk. Smell the delicious smell of fresh bread from metres away at Vlaamsch Broodhuys. You can get everything you need for your Easter brunch there. Or pick up a tasty roll for the road.

6. Sushito

The hype of recent times is unavoidable in Amsterdam: the Pokebowl. A combination of Japanese and Hawaiian recipes in a delicious bowl. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

7. Vegan Junk Food Bar

At VJFB you can get to know the possibilities of plant-based junk food in an approachable way. Not only the food is a feast to behold but also the interior itself. The whole restaurant is in an edgy mix of colourful street-art.

8. Bakers & Roasters

End the walk with a delicious drink at Bakers & Roasters. Will you go for a coffee, juice or something alcoholic? There’s plenty to choose from!