Madelief's Daily Lockdown Routine

What is Madelief up to during lockdown?

Our instructors miss you all so much and they feel the need to connect with you in a different way! This time asked our instructor Madelief about her routine during lockdown. We are sure you will get inspired! 💛

At what time do you set your alarm clock? (Do you still do that even if you know you don’t have to leave the house)

My alarm clock goes off at 8.10 AM. I often wake up a little before my alarm goes off and that always makes me so happy (mostly because I just hate the sound😉). In the weekends I don't set my alarm, but usually I wake up around 9.

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Do you make more time to cook meals for yourself now or less?

For breakfast I make a smoothie with fresh fruits, oats, veggies and protein powder. Curious about this recipe? Maybe it will be online soon on Vélo's socials! The smoothie keeps me full until 12.30, then it's time for lunch and I'll have some sandwiches. My fave is an avocado sandwich. For dinner I mostly cook with friends and 9/10 times we'll end up with a pasta dish. 

What activities do you plan on a daily base to keep that body moving?

I'll try to do at least 3 or 4 at-home workouts a week. I don't overpush myself and if I'm not in the mood I'll just go for a short 20 minutes. I frequently use the [Fit with Vélo]https://www.instagram.com/wearevelo/ workouts, because they're quick, effective and I love to see Vélofam. 💛 The days I'm not working out I make sure I walk a lot, so there are barely any days around where I don't move at all.

Have you developed a new hobby in lockdown?

Walking walking walking walking and walking 

What do you do for some YOU time in a day?

Because of the curfew in the Netherlands it's not an option anymore to be out of my house after 9PM, so I often go for a bath! This is something I really like but barely did before, because I was always busy with something else. Now I finally get some rest for it!

Do you dress normally every day or do you live in your sweatpants?

So.. last year I barely put on any normal clothes. My new years resolution for 2021 was to get 'dressed' more often and so far it's going good! I Think I still wear sweatpants for 3 days a week, but nothing wrong with a little comfort wear, right? 😏

How do you spend the weekend nowadays?

During the weekend I go for a long lunch or dinner with friends and try to be outside as much as the weather allows me to be.

What is your advice to stay positive and healthy during lockdown?

I would say; try to keep a routine and stay active! Move your body a few times a week and you'll notice it uplifts your mood straight away. 💛