Vélo Outdoor - FAQ

Questions about our Vélo Outdoor - Spring Circuit? We've got you covered with this Q&A!


What is the difference between a regular Vélo class and Vélo Spring Circuit?
With the Vélo Spring Circuit we will take you on a different ride. The structure of the Vélo Spring Circuit is different from the structure of our on-bike classes that you know and love. The beloved bikes are exchanged for other equipment, but this does not make the lessons any less Vélo. The motivating instructors, the inspiring atmosphere and our amazing 'riders' are all included in the workout.

Where will the Vélo Spring Circuit take place?
The Vélo Spring Circuit takes place at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. We enter the Museumplein near our Albert Cuyp Studio and find a spot in this area. We don't have a reserved spot at the Museumplein, so it's possible that the exact location differs from day to day. We'll make sure you can find us! 💛

How will I recognize the meeting point of the work out?
The Vélo Spring Circuit can be recognized by big yellow flags with the Vélo logo on them. Besides, you might recognize one of your favorite instructors.  

What should I bring to the Vélo Spring Circuit?
Bring your own water bottle, towel and work-out clothes because these won’t be provided at the Vélo Spring Circuit location. 

Can I use the facilities of the Vélo studio?
We will provide the equipment such as: a work-out mat, weights and a resistance band. Unfortunately, due to safety and health reasons, not all facilities of the Vélo studio can be used during the Vélo Spring Circuit. You won’t be able to make use of our towels, dressing rooms, toilets, showers, lockers and nutrition bar. 

What if the weather is extremely bad?
The Vélo Spring Circuit continues at all times, but there are exceptions in extreme weather conditions. In case of the extreme weather conditions, you will be informed of the cancellation of the workout as early as possible and your credits will be transferred back to your account.

What if the class I want to join is fully booked?
Unfortunately, full is full. In order to comply with the COVID-measures there is a maximum group size, which can’t be exceeded. Hop on the waitlist if the class is sold out. When someone cancels, you will be added automatically to the class and receive a confirmation. 


Can I use my existing credits to book a Vélo Spring Circuit class?
The Vélo Spring Circuit classes require their own credits, so your regular credits on your Vélo account cannot be used. In order to participate in the Spring Circuit, you can purchase your credits on our website under: pricing 

How many credits does the Vélo Spring Circuit class cost? 
For the Vélo Spring Circuit we offer three different packages for purchasing the outdoor credits. The first package consists of 1 outdoor credit and costs €12. The second package consists of 5 outdoor credits and costs €50. The third, and last package consists of 10 outdoor credits and costs €90. The package options can be found under: pricing.

Where do I book Vélo Spring Circuit? 
You can buy the outdoor credits for the Vélo Spring Circuit on our website under’ pricing and afterwards you can book your bootcamp via the book a ride-button. It is also possible to book a Vélo Spring circuit via our partner ClassPass. 

What if I have to cancel my work out?
The same rules apply as our indoor work-out. Cancel your class on time to get a full refund


Is it safe to work out outside during the pandemic?
In fact, it is encouraged by health professionals to boost your physical and mental health, especially during these challenging times. Vélo offers a way in which this can be done safely. In order to do so, we take many precautions measures. 

What precautions does Velo take?

  • The circuit is only accessible for customers who have reserved a spot
  • The equipment is thoroughly cleaned throughout the whole day and in between each session
  • 1,5-meter distance is mandatory
  • All customers will have to bring their own towel
  • All customers will have to bring their own shoes
  • All customers will have to bring their own water bottle
  • All customers can arrive no more than 5 minutes in advance 

Will there be a screening before participating the Vélo Spring Circuit?

  • Did you have any covid-related symptoms the last 14 days?
  • Did you have difficulties breathing or have you been coughing the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed patient?
  • Have you been in contact with a person that had virus symptoms? 

If the answer on one of the following questions is yes, you will be asked to leave the Vélo Spring Circuit and we will refund your credit.