What is a Priority Pack?

The Priority Pack is your full-access pass to the Vélo Rides you love. A concierge service that books you into your favorite rides up to 2 weeks extra before regular booking opens, by simply sending an e-mail to your personal concierge. This means: never miss out on the rides you want to be in! Whether it's picking the bike you love or (finally) getting into that 7AM you've been dying to take, our Priority team has you covered. There’s even more! You’ll get priority status on all waitlists, pre-access to new classes, pre-invites to graduation rides (yes, FREE rides), special offers, water on us for every Priority-Ride, and more. Join now & let’s ride!

How do I book my Priority bike?

After buying the Priority Pack you'll receive an e-mail from us with all the needed information! In this e-mail, you get instructions on how to join a ride.

Do I have to use Priority credits for every class?

Not at all! You can use classes from your Priority credits whenever you wish (for example for that always sold-out 7 or 8AM ride) and then continue to book with your regular credits for other classes you’d like to book.

Is Priority Pack a membership?

No, this is not a membership. Simply a concierge service with a lot of perks that make life easy for you! Its perks can only be honored with active Priority credits.

Can I cancel a Priority Bike on my own?

Sure, but why do it yourself when you have us! Priority bikes can also be canceled through the Vélo app or website, just like regular classes. You can also email the Priority team if you’d like them to cancel a bike for you.

How do I purchase a ride?

Is it your first time riding with us? If yes, we will ask you to create an account. After you’ve created an account just go to "pricing" to buy one of our packs.

Do my packages have an expiration date?

Every package has its own expiration date. Are you injured or moving out of town? Get in touch with us and we will find a fitting solution

Do I need to create an account in order to join a class?

Yes. It's important for us to know who's riding with us and to have your contact information. Riders can easily create an account online! Just click 'sign in' on our home page.

Can I easily cancel a ride?

Yes you can, just log in and see what rides you’ve scheduled ahead. Click on ‘cancel’ to cancel your reservation. Make sure to do this at least 12 hours before your ride starts, so we refund your credit.

How do I book a ride?

Once you’ve bought your rides you are almost ready to go! Log in to our system and look into our schedule to see when you can come in. Reserve your (numbered) bike in the studio and we will see you soon!

Do you offer a monthly membership?

No, at this time Vélo does not offer memberships.