Vélo Hygiene Update

At Vélo it has always been our top priority to keep our Vélofam safe & healthy, this has never changed and will never change.

From this week we’re inviting more riders to our studio, which makes us super happy, but we want to point out that our hygiene procedures are of the best level. We clean all bikes, weights, and high-touch areas (such as doorknobs & lockers) before every ride with disinfectant materials. Towels are fresh and clean because of our super-hot cleaning program, totally bacteria-free. Our advanced ventilation system ensures fresh air in our dark box, at all times. Every breath you take is basically with fresh, new air. Last but not least: we have an exclusive shoe cleaning machine (our secret bacteria weapon) that keeps our cycling shoes as good as new, after every ride.

See you soon on the bike, Vélofam! 💛