Andrea is originally from Venezuela, but she grew up in Mexico and Thailand and moved to Amsterdam to study. She fell in love with indoor cycling a very long time ago... "I can't pin point exactly what it is, but riding makes me feel full of joy," she tells us when we ask her about that love for indoor cycling. "Being insecure is something I’ve always struggled with, but this is a room where I truly feel confident and like the best version of myself. I want my riders to experience this as well as feel like they can take up space and have fun while getting their sweat in."

And if you're a frequent rider at Vélo, Andrea might look a little familiar already... She already works here as the operations manager! "I moved to Amsterdam five years ago, and it was very important for me to find a studio that I loved. Vélo surpassed my expectations so much that I basically live here now, since I am now the operations manager and an instructor." And we LOVE having you be part of our Vélofam, Andrea!

Music wise, you can expect to hear a little bit of everything. "I am Latina after all, so of course you can expect some reggaetón and dancing on the bike. But I also love to turn up the heat and ride to some heavy techno."

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