Daniël was born and raised in Alkmaar, but his life changed in 2022, when he not only found his new home in Amsterdam, but also ignited his passion for cycling! 

After trying different studios, he fell in love with the warm and welcoming vibe he got from you, actually, our Vélofam, and ever since that day, his love for Vélo just kept on growing. And now look where we are, on his very own instructor page! 

Growing up, Daniël has always been surrounded by different styles of music - and it shows. "In my classes, you may find yourself pushing on a hard EDM track, followed by singing your heart out to a ballad, with a dance break to some reggaeton. Oh, and I love a good remix or mash-up!" he tells us. 

What inspires him about being an instructor is really the people. "I love how every single person is so different, but we're all connected through this passion we have for spinning. It makes me feel so good how in every single class we step in as individuals, but leave the room connected to each other. I want to create a safe space, where you can tune out of the outside world for a second, just let everything out and feel your best." Sounds amazing!

As for the best advice he's ever received? "Take everything step by step and don't compare yourself to others. You're exactly where you're meant to be."

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Our sounds may be different, but we all dance to the same beat.