Growing up in a small Dutch town with big dreams, Dewi always knew she would one day spread her wings and leave for the big city. It was during the pandemic, in 2020, that she found a new home in Amsterdam - and a new love in indoor cycling. 

Her first class was a challenge, to say the least (relatable), but she absolutely loved it nonetheless. And what made it even better, was the incredible community she found with indoor cycling. "I didn't know anybody in Amsterdam and I would get quite lonely," she shares, "but through cycling classes I was able to connect with so many amazing people." She never would have believed you if you'd told her then that one day she'd actually become an instructor... "I'm very introverted and the idea of being a coach seemed way out of my comfort zone. But the more classes I took, the more confident I got. I felt like I could be my true, authentic self on the bike. Not only very liberating, but also very addicting. I found myself in class every single day!" 

One day, she finally decided to step out of her comfort zone and sign up for an audition. And look where we are now, on her very own instructor page! "I'm so happy I decided to go for it. Indoor cycling has had a huge impact on my confidence, something I like to pass on to my riders as well. You are capable of so much more than you think - all you gotta do is believe in yourself. And if you struggle with that, I hope you find that support in my class, where we grow together as a team."

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