Originally from Amsterdam, but a global citizen to say the least! For most of his life, Lars has traveled the world and found himself home in Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Ultimately, it was the U.S. that introduced him to the exciting world of indoor cycling. It was love at first sight, and as soon as he got back to Amsterdam, he made his love for indoor cycling official by becoming an instructor.

Lars loves a good challenge – that’s why he decided to combine his passion for fitness with his corporate career. “I don’t like feeling comfortable,” he says. “I’ll get bored. That reflects in my classes too: they’re intense, hard work, with no time to think about anything other than what’s happening on the bike.” The balance between Vélo and his corporate career is super important to him. “They’re polar opposites, but they allow me to explore and embrace different sides of my personality.”  

What he loves most about Vélo classes? “They’re pure magic. It’s one of the very few moments in a day when you’re just focusing on one thing, rather than doing a million things at the same time. During those 45 minutes, there’s no distractions – that time is purely meant for you. As an instructor, I love building a connection with riders, and I find it so inspiring to see them become stronger. And when everyone’s moving in unison – that’s truly just magical. I made so many new friends within the spin community and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

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